We use two types of steel in making our cut-rifled barrels

For barrels which are to be blued, we use 4140 Chrome Molly "Gun Steel".


For stainless steel barrels we use 416R, the R having characteristics specific to rifle barrels.


Contour is to the customer specifications. We use the same contour specifications as Shilen barrels in order to help standardize the "language". Often customers quote a Shilen contour (seems to be the reference that everybody uses), which we then copy very closely.


We can copy existing contours on the tracer lathe within .003 so the new barrel will drop right back into the stock. Shank length is determined by the length of the cartridge that we are chambering for,.308 length, 30-06 length, and .375 H&H length, unless they specify longer.


Many target shooters like a 4" shank so the barrel can be set back several times.


Standard twist rates are used unless customer requests otherwise.

Reamers Available

New Barrel Pricing

Bore Diameter

Barrel Specifications

What size barrel will serve you best?

Dimension "C" is the muzell diameter at dimensions "F", which is or suggested finish barrel length.

Groove diameter is usually to bullet size (.257, .308, .375, etc.) unless specified by the customer. We do a lot of the .368/.379 for the 38/55 crowd.

• Six groove is standard up to .475 cal.

• Barrel length to 36" finish.

• Fluting length is out to 24 inches (flute length) $25 per flute.

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